PLOG2013 symposium post-mortem

There was a PLOG2013 symposium in spring 2013, for developers and alike.

It was organized by Abstract IT in Italy, on the coast of Mediterranean, in the city of Sorrento.


Everybody was wearing a cool T-shirt.

The T-shirt superheroes club annual meeting

The view was astonishing.


The food was healthy and plentiful.

Lunch is full vegetarian, but tasty nonetheless

We ate like a hippo.


We had to strengthen the hotel WLAN (+3 enhanced router of Wyn).


Then we sprinted.


We sprinted more.


We sprinted under a yellow lemon tree.


We sprinted with attitude.


After a day everybody who lacked contributions to the documentation had to swim (no one had to swim!)


We were happy and satisfied and then we had a drink.


Thank you for wonderful people of AbstractIT for organizing this event and inviting us. We love you all. We will be there next year.

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Write the docs

Below are my slides for the presentation held in PLOG2013 Plone symposium. It’s about good software development documentation culture, writing documentation for Python packages and maintaining up-to-date developer documentation in Plone ecosystem.

( IFRAME above)

1. Transcript really screwed up this one.

1. Writing the docs Mikko Ohtamaa PLOG / 2013 Sorrento, Italy

2. Agenda The culture of good documentation Documenting Python code Documentation tools in Plone

3. Mikko Ohtamaa moo9000 Open Source 103323677227728078543 Hacker

4. Am I a bad person If I don’t write documentation

5. YES.

6. Peer-driven culture vs. product-driven culture


8. Arch of Doom & i ty Outsourcing lar ess pu in companies start “German breakfast time” Po app using your product h e Tim Story begins with happy peers

9. “No gaps, no questions needed” documentation is necessary for the project to scale

10. Don’t worry ☠

11. How to doc Python README.rst (PyPi, Github, .egg) Sphinx Autodoc, Well-commented unit tests

12. ( like stateful with buildout ) ( like a boss )

13. Consumers of Plone the project are developers

14. ingredients Body of knowledge Tutorials External package documentation Graveyard of old documentation bil ity sco vera Di

15. [ demo ]

16. Fix your workflow Write code Write code ~ write docs Write tests Write tests Write docs

17. Low-hanging fruits For every blog post you write link it For every question you make link it For every IRC answer you receive write it ust down tio n m nfo rma uts ide I st o head exi ur yo

18. [ Github inline edit demo ]

19. Share your slides Link in

20. Top-of-the-shelf bottles Theming tutorial Development friendliness out of the box Making Plone itself more dev friendly

21. moo9000 Open Source Hacker 103323677227728078543 Kiitos

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Available for hire: open source hacker

After having frostbite one too many times whilst working in the Nordic, I am looking forward to new challenges and I will be available for work very soon. If you are looking for a very unique and sought after skill set for your organization, then now is your one million dollar chance.


I have been programming since I was nine. I have been involved in web development since 1995 and mobile development since 1999 – when the first content services hit the mobile phones (ring tones were the in thing at the time). I have a M.Sc. in industrial engineering and management; I have been running my own consultancy business since 2007 and I have been a significant contributor to the open source community since 2000 – if you are a reader of this blog you may already be aware of my reputation in the communities surrounding Python, JavaScript and Plone CMS technologies. My articles are regularly published on

Here is some more of my track record: Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, Stackoverflow, Ubuntu, Mozilla, Plone, Python, Linux kernel.

Business is good; I really have no other reason to quit besides the fact that I want to move forward in my life and build bigger things for which I can take ownership over and leave my mark on. The unfortunate foundation of consultancy business is that if you are not a part of the solution prolonging the problem will make you more money; but the money can only motivate a person up to a certain point.

I am hoping to find a position in which I can utilize my strong ties to the open source technology communities with my management and leadership background. A dream fit would be a function like a CEO or CTO in an internet-oriented startup. Roles as a developer advocate, a community manager, a quality manager or a DevOps lead are all very appealing too.

I am competent programming in a dozen languages. If you are looking for senior programmer or architect I can undertake this kind of purely technical role with ease; however, in such a position your organization would only partially benefit from my business knowledge and contact network. I’m open to this but I could easily point you to other tech-sawy persons who would be better suited to this purpose. If the position that you have in mind is somewhat special and it requires a business mind geared for making money I’m interested. If you require an extraordinary “hacker” I might also be interested.

I am looking to relocate somewhere in the world south of Helsinki. I prefer locations with a tropical climate.

My CV is available upon a request. Please contact me via email

Thank you everybody for following this blog. After the first chapter in the new quest has begun, the beers are on me.

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