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Below are my slides for the presentation held in PLOG2013 Plone symposium. It’s about good software development documentation culture, writing documentation for Python packages and maintaining up-to-date developer documentation in Plone ecosystem.

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1. Transcript

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1. Writing the docs Mikko Ohtamaa PLOG / 2013 Sorrento, Italy

2. Agenda The culture of good documentation Documenting Python code Documentation tools in Plone

3. Mikko Ohtamaa moo9000 opensourcehacker.com Open Source 103323677227728078543 Hacker

4. Am I a bad person If I don’t write documentation

5. YES.

6. Peer-driven culture vs. product-driven culture

7. http://blog.gerv.net/2013/03/why-the-smart-people-leav/

8. Arch of Doom & i ty Outsourcing lar ess pu in companies start “German breakfast time” Po app using your product h e Tim Story begins with happy peers

9. “No gaps, no questions needed” documentation is necessary for the project to scale

10. Don’t worry ☠

11. How to doc Python README.rst (PyPi, Github, .egg) Sphinx Autodoc readthedocs.org, pythonhosted.org Well-commented unit tests

12. developer.plone.org ( like stateful readthedocs.org with buildout ) ( like a boss )

13. Consumers of Plone the project are developers

14. d.p.org ingredients Body of knowledge Tutorials External package documentation Graveyard of old documentation bil ity sco vera Di

15. [ developer.plone.org demo ]

16. Fix your workflow Write code Write code ~ write docs Write tests Write tests Write docs

17. Low-hanging fruits For every blog post you write link it For every stackoverflow.com d.p.org question you make link it For every IRC answer you receive write it ust down tio n m nfo rma uts ide I st o head exi ur yo

18. [ Github inline edit demo ]

19. Share your slides slideshare.net Link in developer.plone.org

20. Top-of-the-shelf bottles Theming tutorial Development friendliness out of the box Making Plone itself more dev friendly

21. moo9000 Open Source Hacker opensourcehacker.com 103323677227728078543 Kiitos

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