Plone: battle-scarred community with battle tanks

Here are my slides from Plone Conference 2013 presentation about Plone community, how I ended up as a Plone consultant and how I stopped doing it. The slides are not  content rich and a narrative is required for comprehension. I’ll put up a link to video recording when it becomes online.

The slide where exported with my pdf-to-html Python script, which converts PDF exported slides to a blog post HTML with <img alt> tags.

Remember: Plone is like Hotel California. You can checkout any time, but you can never leave.

Beauty of the beast Mikko Ohtamaa Plone Conference  2013 @moo9000

Agenda ! How Plone happens ! Why I started doing Plone ! Why I stopped doing Plone

Oldest living open source CMS* ! Zope 1998 ! Plone 2000 ! Plone Foundation 2004 *) unless claimed otherwise

Zope2/Startup/misc/ Copyright (C) 1999, 2000  Digital Creations, Inc. Guido van Rossum trying to learn Python

There is no one on the driverÕs seat The community is an organic mash up of small consulting shops  having beer* with public sector IT departments *) sometimes a caiprinha or two

2003 Nokia did user interface testing of Series 40 phones with Python scripting A nuclear blast proof phone Microsoft


Many many beers ago in galaxy far away Ploneconf 2007 - Napoli Having a PC

Everybody loves Plone

(except developers) ( ! ! )

Solving right problems wrong Python View Viewlet Manager Viewlets TAL HTML DOM / lxml Diazo XML XSLT Component LookupError WTF ??? Robot Git

Plone is not attractive ! Everybody who is not making money out of Plone doesnÕt want to touch it ! Ecosystem has found its niche , but it is not growing

! ItÕs hard to grow your business if Plone is core of your business ! I could work forever as a consultant alone, but meh By some bitcoins from me with reals!

There is unexplained beauty in Plone the community

Plone has only 1 feature ! There is no thing it cannot do  ! Most advanced plugin system ever written in any programming language ! Most advanced permission, role and sharing system which bends so you donÕt have to

Battle-scarred community ! Old enough to look into a mirror and admit the mistakes of the past ! Most friendly community ! No question goes unanswered ... but you might regret asking ÒWe were young.  We needed the money.Ó

Plone community attracts  most intelligent and interesting people...

...and happens everywhere Doing Plone logo at the swamp of a sunken city somewhere in Argentina

! Ugliest legacy codebase ! Not having smart enough living person to Þx your bug ! No one caring about us ...still... Even with...

Plone is the best CMS  for medium-large scale organizations with 15+ editors, several subsites and complex workßow needs

Plone rocks like no other community on this planet Open Source Hacker moo9000

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One thought on “Plone: battle-scarred community with battle tanks

  1. wonderful the “done” Logo, let use it with an animation in plone org now!

    Plone -> rotate the P, the L became an underline (or a question mark?)… then:



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