New Plone addon: Image Portlet


imageportlet add-on provides a portlet for Plone CMS for easily add images, banners and carousels around the content on your site.

This is very useful with ContentWentPortlets to bannerize your size.


  • Inline image upload from a local computer directly into the portlet. No separate image bank folder management needed.
  • Image can act as a link or simply serve as a decorative banner
  • Plain text slots for heading, footer, over-the-image text (button) and <img> alt text
  • Carousel images via jQuery Cycle Lite
  • Cache friendly: unique URLs after each edit allows the images cached forever in the front-end cache


The benefit over static text portlet + TinyMCE uploaded images is vastly easier user experience. You don’t need to separate portlets or place to upload the image: images are managed within the portlet.

The management is much streamlined for non-power users.


The add-on is compatible down to Plone 3.3.5.

Update buildout.

Plone 4.2 and newer: add imageportlet to eggs in buildout.cfg:

eggs =

Old releases: With Dexterity 1.1 pindowns:

# Change the number here to change the version of Plone being used
extends =

eggs =

Run buildout.

Install the imageportlet add-on in Site Setup.

Go to any portlet manager and choose Add new portlert… Image Portlet.

Source code and issue tracker

Similar add-ons

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One thought on “New Plone addon: Image Portlet

  1. There is another similar addon: collective.teaser.
    It’s meant to display small advertisments to feature own or external content. There is a content type “Teaser” and a portlet to display them. If more Portlets are defined on the same page, one teaser is not shown twice. Each teaser can have an (more important teasers are shown more often), tags, image sizes, publishing and expiration dates, and so on. Each portlet can have a different set of filters (tags, image sizes, importance levels) and respects workflow status and publishing dates.

    get it here:

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