Converting community black knights to white knights

This is how it happens in IRC:

<x^> html5 sux
<moo-_-> x^: thank you for sharing this information. how can we make it better for you?
<x^> please improve html5
<x^> make it using xaml
<moo-_-> x^: if you wish to contribute to the development of HTML5 or related standards a good starting point for doing it would be on WHATWG mailing lists
<x^> moo-_-, can i actually do that?
<x^> great :D
<moo-_-> x^: try here
<x^> ok thx


  • Politeness
  • Mutual respect
  • Giving opportunity
  • Respecting individual
  • Lowering your noise floor and putting more effort to signal decoding

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