Responsive design workflow using two browsers

I am building a new mobilization add-on for Plone CMS. I’d like to share the following workflow which I found greatly to speed up CSS tuning tasks for responsive design

This way you have CSS debugger for desktop and mobile versions open simultaneously and you still use your screen real estate effectively.

A mobile version and Chrome’s CSS debugger on the top of desktop Firefox.


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4 thoughts on “Responsive design workflow using two browsers

  1. When I worked on the responsive design for the Six Feet Up site, I mainly used Firefox. By constantly resizing the browser, I was able to see where certain elements started to look bad and needed to be fixed. This ensured that the site would look good for any user, no matter what size they kept their browser open. Once it looked good in Firefox, then I’d do testing on an actual mobile browser, which would still occasionally need some tweaking.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this mobilization product in action.

  2. I use following snippet to test common resolutions, but the site content should respond based on it’s needs/size anyway:


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