It’s movie time: Plone 4 installation tutorial

This blog post starts long overdue series of Sauna Sprint 2011 results.

Sauna Sprint 2011 was held in Tampere, Finland and it was a shared venture of EESTEC student organization and Plone open source community. Due to circumstances on the venue we were not probably as productive, measured  in quantity, as one could have been when locked in to the university basement with one gigabit fiber connection. However, I believe the seeds of this sprint will hopefully have some long lasting positive effects to make Plone more admin and developer friendly.

During the first sprint day the EESTEC students got a head first dive to learn Linux and Plone. Based on their expressions they didn’t have 100% fun time when trying to get Plone running on their computer…. or after getting it there doing basic admin things like installing add-ons and keep Plone still going on. Especially on the Windows platform which actually receives most downloads (as mentioned by in random IRC conversation by one Plonista) installing Plone + add-ons was not entirely trouble-free. It is unforgivable that an attempt to install an add-on will ruin your site to non-working state. Of course you can fix buildouts and things, but how to do it is unreachable for the audience piloting Plone and thus such information effectively does not exist. The default support answer “recover for back-ups” is not fun either.

The fellowship of sprint could not fix Plone site admin and developer experience altogether as someone had to warm up sauna and others were hunting mooses for the food. However a brave team of EESTEC students recorded a basic installation tutorial video for Plone 4 for Linux. Now I finally have been able to upload this to YouTube and it’s time for the global premier of the movie:

Yarr…. Kudos for the tutorial video team! Everything that counts in as making it easier for people to enter Plone is what the community needs. Hopefully this will inspire thought for the upcoming Plone conference and sprints.

Ps. Happy talk like a pirate day ⚓

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