Sauna Sprint daily digest #2: Tuesday

Plone is a byproduct of community members' co-operation

These are notes from the Sauna Sprint daily debriefing #2. It was intention we’d done this already yesterday, but unfortunately we had problems with boat and swamp.

The current head count is around 27 living souls, plus or minus few depending on how you define living. We split to different teams, each working on its own topic.

Team tutorial video

This team works to create new Plone video installation and usage tutorials. It will be in the form of screencast with voice over narration.

The team has created the first voice over, screencast and now editing it together.

Team add-ons fail

Plone add-ons come with various quality of instructions. This team is working to make Plone add-on experience more user-friendly: installing, uninstalling, add-on area, individual add-on instructions.

Around 200 lines of issues collected.

Team blogging

This team collects and publishes a blog posts, participant information, etc. motivational information about the sprint and the sprinters.

Both EESTECers and Plonistans are being covered.

Currently the team has collected the bio of everyone and prepares to put the information out to a wiki page.

Team auto restart

This team is working to make Plone auto-restart perform correctly and timely manner. You just edit .py file and hit the browser refresh button and the changed code is loaded correctly. The team is utilizing the fork trick introduced in this blog post. The resulting work goes under a project name sauna.relaod.

Currently the team has managed to make the file-system monitor using Python WatchDog backend. Already 13 seconds have been shoveled off from Zope restart time of 30 seconds.

Team Logistics

This team feeds the coders with firewood, food and beer.

Yesterday the team prepared went to a shop, prepared a lunch and brought a guitar (for live music).

The day plan for Wednesday is to collect blueberries for pies and mushrooms and later cook them in the big oven of the cabin.

The new beer is on its way, though has temporary taken some steps backwards.

Team Greek

This ad-hoc team prepared the dinner.

It takes four Greeks to create one omelette.

Team collective.table

This is Google Summer of Code team is working on new collective.table add-on for Plone. Yesterday was API talk, but the progress was slow due to lack of caffeine.

Team TinyMCE

This is a Google Summer of Code team and is working on making Plone’s TinyMCE experience better.

Yesterday was spent testing on a JS/CSS compressor to make TinyMCE load faster.

Uncompressed: 19 request / 900 kb. Compressed 50% less requests, 700 kb.

Team hardcore

This team of EESTEC member was formed to introduce hardcode Plone development for newbies.

The team members actually wanted it themselves. They will regret this decision later.

Sometimes you need solo heroes


Plone butterfly preparing to hatch

A lonely coder in the forest

Fueling the hungty developers with potatoes

A statue honoring Plone developers

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