Using GitHub with Eclipse (to update collective.developermanual)

Notes to self how to checkout and update Github projects with Eclipse EGit plug-in.

Delete the project if you have already the same project (collective.developermanual) imported Eclipse some other way.

Create a Github account (if you don’t have one) and put your SSH public key in the account settings.

Configure Eclipse to use your private Github SSH key in Settings -> General -> Network connections -> SSH2. Eclipse also offers a SSH key generation wizard.

Import collective.developermanual from GitHub using File -> Import -> Git and then use Clone button (not Add). collective.developermanual URL is Change protocol to SSH.

Click next next next until you see the project in your Eclipse workspace. Note that EGit puts projects to your home folder, not workspace (slight argh in this point).

Edit some files.

Right click the project to commit.

Then you can right-click to push. This is the tricky part. The dialogue looks like a USS Aircraft Carrier deck control panel. What you need to do is to

  • In Source ref drop down choose master [branch]
  • In Destination ref drop down choose master [branch]
  • Press Add spec button
  • Press Next
  • Press Finish

Then it pops up some dialogs which mean that the push was succesful.  Just keep clicking Ok to every window as you won’t understand them in any case.



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One thought on “Using GitHub with Eclipse (to update collective.developermanual)

  1. If you get “Auth fail” make sure that you have “git” in the username input box (not empty).

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