Sauna Sprint 2011: motivational blog post (蚊が楽しいです)

Sauna Sprint 2011 is coming! Sauna Sprint is an international Plone, Python and open source event arranged in Finland (2011 for the second time). People all around the world to gather to work on Plone content management system, code Python and have some fun for one week.

The event is July 23 – July 30, 2011. Come to #saunasprint IRC channel on Freenode and enlist yourself now by the joining CoActive project and adding your name to the guest list on the wiki style project page!

In the social program we have beer tasting, sauna, wood chopping, installing internet connection and who kills most mosquitos competition.

This year we have secured a sprint location near Tampere city (editorial note: is near a correct adjective here?). The image is not corrupted – the green color is forest.

Here is our mansion:

We have reserved meeting rooms for the sprinters to work:

As Finland is the land of thousand lake and wilderness on all sort you may have a chance to see some majestic wild life.





A Plone sprinter:

See you in Sauna Sprint 2011!

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