Plone vs. Drupal – Welcome to Legoland

This is the most insightful IRC comment for a while and pretty much summarizes it all.

<lloydpearsoniv> i just appreciate the help. Plone is by the
  far the most sophisticated CMS  i have ever dealt with. I thought
  drupal was But i need the sophistication for the project that I am attempting
<lloydpearsoniv> seriously, this makes drupal seem like lego

So this my new classification on popular CMS systems

  • Joomla!, WordPress: Lego Dublo
  • Drupal: Lego
  • Plone: Lego Technic

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2 thoughts on “Plone vs. Drupal – Welcome to Legoland

  1. That does sum things up pretty nicely and I whole-heartedly agree. There’s sometimes when playing with the simpler blocks does get the job done, but if you want something fancy with gears and complex wheels, then you’ve got to step it up a notch.

    If Plone is Technic, then could anything be considered Mindstorms?

    Nit-picky correction: it’s Lego Duplo with a ‘p’.

  2. Mindstorms can be one of the following:

    Symfony (PHP)
    Django (Python)
    ASP.NET MVC (Microsoft)
    Spring (Java)

    ( not necessarily in this order)

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