Insider jokes are a sign of healthy community or….?

Is this the stage when  community starts to becoming a culture?

perrito666: Moo^_^: good evening
Moo^_^: how does it go, my hellish perrito666?
dahoste: Moo^_^, ...wait a min... didn't you "quit" plone?  :)
Moo^_^: dahoste: quit does not belong to my vocabulary
Moo^_^: or should I say, my <vocabulary>
kojiro: bwahaha
kojiro: Moo^_^: I get your Reference. You had no Choice?
-*- kojiro runs
-*- dahoste groans.
davisagli: kojiro: your puns have only Token Value, in my View ;)
kojiro: WYSIWYG.

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