Synchonizing calendar and contacts from Nokia N900 to Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Android

Here are instructions for advanced users how to migrate their life to N900 for new Android mobile phones.

1. Copy contacts

  • Register at ScheduleWorld (7 days free trial)
  • Install Dropbear SSH on N900 (makes typing less painful)
  • Install syncevolution (tested with command line version) on N900
  • Create syncevolution templates using syncevolution -c scheduleworld (work over SSH from desktop computer using)
  • Change username and password in ~/.config/syncevolution/scheduleworld/config.php (use nano shell based text editor)
  • Change sync to cliet to server one way in ~/.config/syncevolution/scheduleworld/addressbook/config.php and ~/.config/syncevolution/scheduleworld/calendar/config.php
  • Run syncevolution: syncevolution scheduleworld
  • Check that received your data using web browser
  • Install Funambol app on Android device from Android Market
  • Run it. Use credentials: user = numeric username, password = given in registration email, server url =
  • Alternative 2: export contacs in and import .vcf to fresh gmail account
  • Alternative 3: there exist apps to read .vcf files from SD card – Scheduleworld can export these files.

    2. Copy calendar

    Note: Android 2.1 owners might need to reset their device to factory settings as 2.1 supports synchronizing calendar only from the Google account used to active the device. You need to be able to import calendar entries to Google/Gmail account you initially used to active the device / Android market. Android 2.1 devices do not support syncing calendar from multiple accounts (even if they are Google’s)

    • (Register a dummy account)
    • Go to From Tools menu choose Export -> Events and Task
    • Download iCal (.ics) file locally
    • Go to account
    • Open calendar
    • Go to Settings -> Calendars -> Import Calendar
    • Upload .ics file
    • Now when device syncs with Google Calendar it will receive the calendar entries

    I succesfully 600 phone numbers and 60 calendar entries.

    3. Back up SMS

    If you want to back up SMS messages from the device just copy SQLite database over SCP. You can later convert SQLite entries to any format using sqlite command line tool.

    scp user@ .

    That’s all folks!

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