Plone 4 released – the best open source CMS of 2010?

The long awaited version 4 of enterprise grade Plone CMS has been released.

Vote Plone 4 release news on reddit.

Yeah, yeah… it is a linkadvertisement 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Plone 4 released – the best open source CMS of 2010?

  1. I’m not really sure whether Plone and Firefox are good references for an usability expert …

  2. I think Concrete5 is the best CMS of 2010. Bloated content management systems like Joomla or Drupal are terrible for the end-user experience and not very developer friendly. Concrete5 is a new powerful CMS that is easy for developers and even easier for end-users. It works on a in-context editing model so you make changes as you’re browsing your site. No more portal clones! If you’re tired of long training sessions and tons of client support requests, try a demo of Concrete5 here:

  3. Hi Lucas,

    You are entitled for your opinion. However, you did you not provide arguments why Concrete5 would be better than Plone. Plone has also inline editing. Also, Concrete5 is built on the top of PHP technology, which has very bad security track record.

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