Apple MobileMe Free Trial – IT’S A TRAP

Watch out for Apple’s MobileMe service. I wouldn’t have believed Apple uses so cheap business tactics as they advertise “Free Trial” but end up charging your credit card for 79 €.

A credit card is required to start your free trial. After your trial ends, your card will be charged an annual subscription fee of €79.00*. Don’t worry, to avoid these charges, you can cancel your subscription online at any time during the trial.

Bastards! Don’t go for MobileMe. YOU SHOULD WORRY.

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One thought on “Apple MobileMe Free Trial – IT’S A TRAP

  1. Apple does state that it’s a free 60 day trial. And they send you an email with details on how to cancel before the trial period is up. The only trap is that if, after thirty days you are still using it and enjoy the convenience, you may not want to cancel. Typically you would know by the midpoint of the trial if it’s worth it as a service.

    I recommend the trial now to people switching from Windows to Mac to ease syncing their contacts and calendars over to the new computer. If they have an iPhone, iPad or other Mac or PC, they may find value in keeping all of it in sync.

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