Plone Developer Manual, take #0.1

The first public version of  Plone developer manual is available here.

It is still very much draft, but I assure you will find it useful. You will find it even more useful after you put in the answers for your own problems.

In my previous Plone developer documentation rant my flow of though was little abstract and I couldn’t clearly explain how I want the community to maintain this crucial piece of documentation.  This time I made a comic.

* How to get support

** How to update Plone Developer Manual

6 thoughts on “Plone Developer Manual, take #0.1

  1. heya … with one word: wooooooooowwww

    if there is a vote what was best thing that happened for plone from last conference this is it. not that other things were not good enough it just that this kind of documentation was really needed.

    i’ll already see some places where i can contribute, i have my “working copy” here

    again wow and tnx for this

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  3. This is really good – well done!

    I still hope we can find a way to incorporate this into’s main documentation. Your chances of reaching the intended audience will greatly improve if it’s on there (and searchable form there). But this looks like a really good start, and something we’ve sorely missed for a long time. Bravo for picking up the mantle and sticking with it. 🙂

    By the way, I don’t now if you’ve seen it already, but bits of may be useful to borrow.


  4. Hi,

    I’ll personally add more pieces to the document when I need them in coding myself (itching my own scratch). Otherwise I’ll just keep adding links, as I really don’t have neither skill nor time to edit the text.

    Also, integration will happen on some time scale, so do not worry 🙂 Now when we have some SOAP support add-on products we could even do this remotely, without touching PloneHelpCenter code base.

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