XHTML mobile profile transformer and cleaner for Python

Mobile phones, and especially mobile site validators, are very picky about the validy of XHTML. It must not be any XHTML, but special mobile profile XHTML. Also, search engines like Google, will punish you in the mobile search results if your site fails to conform to mobile profile.

This is especially troublesome if you display external content (RSS feeds, ATOM feeds) on your mobile site. Incoming HTML cannot be guaranteed to follow any specification.

To solve this problem, we have created gomobile.xhtmlmp Python library which helps you to transform any HTML to content to valid XHTML MP. The library is piloted on plonecommunity.mobi site which  uses aggregated content from varying sources. The library is based on lxml.html.Cleaner. The library is part of GoMobile project which aims to create world class Python mobile web development tools.

1. Highlights

  • Turn any incoming HTML/XHTML to mobile profile compatible
  • Enforce ALT text on images – especially useful for external tracking images (feedburner tracker). ALT texts are required by XHTML MP.
  • Protect against Cross-Site Scripting Attacks (XSS) and other nastiness, as provided by lxml.xhtml.clean
  • Unicode compliant – eats funky characters

As an example we integrated gomobile.xhtmlmp  to Feedfeeder Plone add-on product.


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