Sharing RSS feeds from the feed reader

I am following pretty many good web technology blogs in my Google Reader. Compiling this RSS feed list has taken few hours and I’d like to share the fruits of my hard work. Luckily in our beautiful world of Web 2.0 this is easy.

  1. Use Google Reader Manage subscriptions -> Export function to export your RSS feed list in OPML format
  2. Upload this file to your server
  3. Install OPML Blogroll widget, by fabulous Sterling Camden, to WordPress
  4. That’s it!

You should see the results on the right —>

The next step is to get auto export URL (via Google API keys?) to Google Reader so that I don’t have to manually sync the OPML file on my server.

I also recommend sharing your RSS feed list in Share Your OPML service.

4 thoughts on “Sharing RSS feeds from the feed reader

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  2. I am looking for new ways to share my blog with others. Hoping to get my rss feed picked up by others. Any insight?

  3. Here are few tips:

    Try submitting your feed to blog aggregator services. WordPress does this automatically for you (pingomatic: ).

    Use services like Twitterfeed to distribute RSS feed to your friends in social networks.

    Actively participate forum discussion and have a link to your blog in your message signature and in your forum avatar profile.

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