Meet Plone: The most awesome open source community in the world

This is my World Plone Day 2013 presentation, held in World Plone Day event at University of Jyväskylä. The slides are also available on

The story below.

Beauty of the beast Mikko Ohtamaa World Plone Day 2013 Jyv−skyl−

Agenda ! History of Plone ! Psyche of the community ! What it takes to get there

Oldest living open source CMS* ! Zope 1998 ! Plone 2000 ! Plone Foundation 2004 *) unless claimed otherwise

There is no one on the driverÕs seat The community is an organic mash up of small consulting shops  having beer with public sector IT departments

! Plone Foundation, non-proÞt rights holder ! 240 active or emeritus Foundation members ! 50+ sponsors ! 400 guests in conference Living and kicking

Everybody loves Plone

(except developers) ( ! ! )

Plone is famous for ! Python programming language ! Security ! Flexibility ! Not being famous

Byproducts of community ! 274 installed packages ! 255 MB installed source code ! 228 + 890 Github repos

Zope2/Startup/misc/ Copyright (C) 1999, 2000  Digital Creations, Inc.

Plone has only 1 feature ! There is no thing it cannot do  ! Most advanced plugin system ever written in any programming language ! Most advanced permission, role and sharing system which bends so you donÕt have to

Riding the beast ! Self-organizing community teams ! High degree of automatization and continuous integration ! Enhancement proposals ÒPLIPsÓ

Battle-scarred community ! Old enough to look into a mirror and admit the mistakes of the past ! Most friendly community ! No question goes unanswered ... but you might regret asking ÒWe were young.  We needed the money.Ó

Plone community attracts  most intelligent and interesting people...

...and happens everywhere ! World conference ! 2-4 continental symposiums ! ~10 sprints ! ~10 virtual Tune Ups ! 1 World Plone Day

Unparalleled opportunity for international  co-operation

Not always so easy

Too much Python View Viewlet Manager Viewlets TAL HTML DOM / lxml Diazo XML XSLT Component LookupError WTF ??? Robot Git

... like Finland in Eurovision Popular and well-known

Not a part-time hobby to get to Plone you must go and meet people in strange places

! Ugliest legacy codebase ! Not having smart enough living person to Þx your bug ! No one caring about us ...still... Even with...

Plone is the best CMS  for medium-large scale organizations with 15+ editors, several subsites and complex workßow needs

Plone rocks like no other community on this planet Open Source Hacker moo9000

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5 thoughts on “Meet Plone: The most awesome open source community in the world

  1. Thanks, I had a good laugh and it reminded me that this community is AWESOME!

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