3 reasons why you should send your corporate representative to PyCon (Finland)

PyCon is a network of conferences around the globe related to Python programming language and technologies. PyCon Finland is now arranged for the second time (two weeks to the registration deadline!) I am writing this blog post in hope to encourage and inspire companies and organizations to participate in this wonderful event and also see the business benefits of doing so. As a disclaimer I am one of the event organizers and thus this post is also a non-paid advertisement of the event.

1. For constant innovation choose Python

To stay competitive it’s not enough for you to do the same thing as yesterday. It’s a deceivingly comfortable choice: no one has been fired for doing the same choices as done on the year before. But we have learn something dearly in Finland: the comfortability of no change comes with a terrible price. You’ll soon follow the fate of 00s mobile operating system: when you keep clinging on the old way the competitors will soon show the better way.

Python has proven its reputation as an agile technology platform. How about doing a small or medium sized project with Python instead of using (too) heavy enterprise tools? Think about if you could get all the time saved back in your next annual bonus? Here is a good related essay “Beating the Averages” from Paul Graham.

PyCon is the best place to see and learn the latest secret weapons Python has to offer. Many of open souce hackers, who write the development tools, are present in person. For example, in PyCon Finland we have Andy Smith from Rackspace (cloooouds). Be at the event and pump all the knowledge out of the brains of the masterminds.

2. Be global, act local

Spotify will be present with a considerable delegation. For those who live in a barrel (no offense US) Spotify is (was?) a real hot Swedish start-up which seeks to dethrone iTunes in the game of global digital music consumption.

Besides Spotify from Sweden, we have plenty of other international guests. The window of new opportunities is open when organizations having similar competency background meet (read: Python). I have been personally participating in ventures which started as  chit-chat in a conference and later developed into full blown businesses just because people and companies with the same mindset where given a chance.

SMEs might have developed technologies for which they seek new channels of marketing. A trending website might need a new localization. You can find new clients for whom to subcontract your Python talent.. or anything in between. When you are dealing with international people already familiar with the core technology you have much more trust for being able to work together. There is no fear of conflict of interest as market area geographies are isolated (especially true in EU).

3. Best of the best

I have heard rumors that there is a shortage of Python programmers in Finland to hire. There exists a simple explanation: The Python programmers are the best programmers out there and thus they already have the best jobs.

PyCon Finland is the place to meet Python programmers as they have been nicely gathered into one place for you to pick. This is your once in a year chance to verify the fact whether all the best programmers are already hired. (note: if you manage to disprove me I am not offering beer prize or anything)



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