Enable PHP log output (error_log) on XAMPP on OSX

If you are using XAMPP to develop PHP software (WordPress, Joomla!) on OSX you might want to get some advanced logging output from your code. PHP provides nice error_log() function, but it is silent by default. Here are short instructions how to enable it and follow the log.

Use your favorite editor to edit php.ini file in /Applications/XAMPP/etc/php.ini – sudo priviledges needed, Smultron does it out of the box.

Change lines:

log_errors = Off
;error_log = filename


log_errors = on
error_log = /tmp/php.log

Restart Apache using XAMPP controller in Finder -> Applications.

Now use the following UNIX command to see continuous log flow in your terminal:

tail -f /tmp/php.log

See also the earlier article about XAMPP and file permissions.

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