Taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S and other Samsung Android devices

Samsung Galaxy S comes with a internal screenshot capturing feature similar to iPhone. This is not the same as the infamous stock Android screenshot facility which forces you to turn on USB debugging, downloading Android SDK, etc. Captured screenshots can be found from Gallery in their own category ScreenCapture.

To take a screenshot

  • Hold Back touch key
  • Double press Home key

This feature is probably available on other Samsung Android devices, like Samsung Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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77 thoughts on “Taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S and other Samsung Android devices

  1. I Have The Samsung Galaxy S (Inception) None Of These Work
    Helppppp Pleasse!

  2. having an issue with this screen shot I’m on a Galaxsy S 2.2 trying to hold the back button and home screen button DOESNT WORK! also i tried holding the back button along with the power button doesn’t work either just brings me to my task manager screen. someone please help me i need it to file a lawsuit.

  3. I have samsung galaxy s 2, but i have updated it, to the version 4… and the screenshot doesn’t work

  4. I have a Samsung galaxy model i500 from us cellular and it just took a screen shot but i don’t know how. my phone isn’t suppose to do it. so i took the battery out to check model number and put it back in and my phone never shut off. and still work some how while it had no battery? im seriously confused!!

  5. I have samsung galaxy S and it works.Press the Back button in right bottom and hold it. While holding Back button now press Home button in the middle. You will hear a capture sound and in moment it will appear Screen captured. Save as image file. It works!!

  6. Hold the home button then tap the power button. It works on my Galaxy S II from Sprint.

  7. I have a samsung galaxy s and for me it worked by pressing the power button while holding the back button…

  8. I have the Samsung Galaxy S from AT&T and I tried holding the back button and holding the home button but it only brings me to Task Manager. I also tried the back button and power button but thar also did not work. Can somebody please provide info? Thanks

  9. I’ve a samsung galaxy mini 2 but it works also with other samsung.. you have to hold the button in the middle and than the power button. it works!!

  10. press and hold the back button then press the button on the side that turns your screen off…you will hear a shutter noise….

  11. For Samsung Galaxy S Advance
    1.) Home Button
    2.) Power Button

    Just simply press the home button and hold it, while you’re holding the home button press the power button. Voila

  12. works on everything but the text conversation screens. can any one help with that? it always kicks me back to my inbox and THEN captures the screen…??? help??

  13. Problem is I don’t have the middle “home” button. My Galaxy S (idk which model) is all touch. Any combo with the lock-screen button does just that: It locks my screen! :(

  14. Exactly Gowna! Mine does the same. I’ve tried all these suggestions and no luck :( when I first got my galaxy s somehow it randomly did it so I know its capable just figuring out how is the problem!!! -__-

  15. What finally worked for me was to throw my Galaxy S Captivate at a brick wall as hard as I possibly could… then I went out and bought an iPhone. All Android problems resolved, and I finally have a reliable phone that doesn’t crash twice a day.

  16. One thing that worked for me when using the Samsung Galaxy SI, is holding both the “Home” Touch key, and the power key both at the same time for about 5 seconds, then releasing.

  17. hold down the down volume key and the lock key. this works for samsung galaxy 2.

  18. For the Galaxy S2 HD LTE (SGH-i757m) on Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean): Screen shot is to hold home soft key and to then tap the power button (top right) almost at the same time.

  19. I have a Galaxy S II. Used to be able to hit Home + Power to take a screen cap. Upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 last night, and now screen cap no longer works. Have tried the other suggestions as well. Nothing.

  20. I have Galaxy Pocket neo jelly bean Sometimes screen capture Works and sometimes don’t. In my Galaxy y Gingerbread its Easy to Screen capture what i want . So it means that Its easy to Screen cap in Ginger bread?

  21. hold down the down volume key and the lock key. this works for samsung galaxy discover

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