Android on-device debugging launch fails: Can’t bind to local 8600 for debugger

You try to launch Android app on the device from Eclipse. The debugger fails to connect and times out. Instead, you see this in the Console log:

Can't bind to local 8600 for debugger

To fix this do the following steps exactly in this order

  • Close Eclipse
  • Disconnect USB cable
  • Kill all adb instances on the task manager of your computer
  • Start Eclipse
  • Connect USB cable
  • Launch the application

If this does not help then make sure that you are using IPv4 address for localhost DNS loopback name. Edit /etc/hosts and comment out all IPv6 entries.

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3 thoughts on “Android on-device debugging launch fails: Can’t bind to local 8600 for debugger

  1. i m trying to run simple database program on ubuntu 11.04, Even i checked in DDMS, DB is created data/data//MyDB but while retrieving data from table it showing warning like ” Activity not started, its current task has been brought to the front”….
    public class FunnyNameDatabse extends Activity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    SQLiteDatabase db=openOrCreateDatabase(“MyData”,MODE_PRIVATE ,null);
    // db.execSQL(“create table if not exists Person (name varchar, age varchar);”);
    // db.execSQL(“insert into Person values(‘vishal’,’24’);”);
    Cursor c=db.rawQuery(“select * from Person”,null);
    Log.d(“result: “,c.getString(0));

    so please get me out of this problem

  2. Dear Sir. Vishal,

    I am not sure if I understand what’s your problem is and how or why I should get you out of it?

  3. Sir i use Android studio (1.0.1) and Window 8.1
    i received this error any solution plz???
    ddms: Can’t bind to local 8600 for debugger

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