The State of Python in Blockchain 2023 report

I have been co-authoring the report The state of Python in the blockchain 2023. The report overviews the modern blockchain development ecosystem for Python developers. Despite turbulences in the markets, we see the year-over-year growth of developer numbers. The demand for Python developers in the industry is growing: Last year, we organised PyChain 2022 conference, where we got 1200 signups.
Python-based open-source solutions lead in two categories: ETL (extract, transform, load) and security and auditing (static linting, formal verification). Python is also heavily used in development and devops toolchains (smart contract compilation) and integration (RPC clients).
If you are a Python developer and looking for opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem, take a look, and you may find a lot of interesting projects that are hiring. The report is also good to read if you just want to understand what’s happening in the blockchain industry without all the noise of market news.

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