bitcoinprices.js – human-friendly presentation of Bitcoin prices on any web page

I’d like to introduce you to my weekend project, bitcoinprices.js.


bitcoinprices.js is a JavaScript library for human-friendly Bitcoin price presentation and conversion. bitcoinprices.js can be dropped on your web page. It presents the Bitcoin prices in the fiat currency chosen by the user,  making prices friendly to read. bitcoinprices.js works on any HTML page. No server side components needed!

See the demo.

The project was born out from the frustration, because many small Bitcoin eCommerce sites have prices only in raw BTC.  This makes it very hard for an average eCommerce site user to value the sold items.

The exchange rates data is sourced from, but this can be easily changed.

Kudos for guys for the great service.

See the source code on Github.

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