Introduction video and YouTube mobilization available

Mobilize.js ha now a brief infomercial what it is all about.

This video can be found from front page and YouTube.

Also Mobilize.js has naturally support for converting embedded YouTube clips to mobile format  🙂 Currently converted videos point to YouTube mobile site, but it should be possible to open them in iPhone or Android application in the future.

Currently supported videos include

  • YouTube <object> and <embed>
  • YouTube <iframe>

We will expand the support for popular Flash based players like Flowplayer in the near future, after we find a site where we can nicely demostrate it.

Python Interest Group Finland – official constitutive meeting (+DjangoCon)

Python users in Finland are organizing and we have booked a meeting for establishing an association. In this meeting, we’ll create an official papers for registering our association in National Boards of Patents and Registrations of Finland.

  • The rules for the association are accepted
  • The rules include the purpose of the association: the main purpose is to arrange yearly Pycon Finland event
  • The association will have its own bank account to deal with Pycon expenses and tickets
  • Naturally, the association will also further promote Python in Finland

The meeting is held in 7.5.2011 at the same time with DjangoCom Finland.

If you want to participate our Python group activity please read the note below. Unfortunately it’s in Finnish, but I can provide translation if there are English speaking people who want to partipate:

Klara vappen!

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