Sublime Text 3 for Python, JavaScript and web developers

Sublime Text is a very powerful programmer’s text editor and popular among web and dynamic language developers (Python, Ruby, JavaScript). The editor is commercial (59 USD), though this is enforced through a nagging dialog only. Plenty of Sublime Text’s power … Continue reading

Javascript autocompletions and having one for Sublime Text 2

Autocompletion is major software development productivity booster in modern programming text editors. This article discuss about Javascript autocompletion and how to make Sublime Text 2 editor to support them. If you are not familiar with Sublime Text 2 please see … Continue reading

Accessing priviledged Javascript APIs from your web page in Firefox with Selenium

Firefox is internally built on Javascript components using native C++ bindings. These components are normally exposed only for add-ons. The functionality includes high level stuff like bookmark management and low level functionality like direct disk access. You might have special … Continue reading